Decoded: The Secret Language of Ammolite Patterns

Exploring these patterns adds another layer of appreciation to ammolite jewellery. So, next time you encounter ammolite, take a closer look and discover the fascinating world hidden within its depths!

Striped Chic:

Think classic and elegant, like flowing bands of color.

Horse Hair:

Thin strands of woven fabric pattern.

Cobblestone Cool:

A textured mosaic, like a miniature city street.

Desert Dream:

Swirling organic patterns evoke vast landscapes.

Dragon's Fury:

Scale-like textures reminiscent of mythological creatures.

Feathered Fantasy:

Delicate lines dance across the surface, resembling feathers.

Flashfire Frenzy:

A dramatic explosion of colour, perfect for making a statement.

Cherry Blossom:

A floral pattern arranged with various of colours reminiscent of a blooming paradise

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The ammolite story doesn't end here! Stay tuned for more where we delve deeper into the fascinating world of this unique gemstone.