Uncover the Ammolite Choice: Composite vs. Natural

Ammolite’s mesmerizing colours and unique patterns make it a stunning choice for jewellery. But with two main options – natural and composite – choosing the right one can be tricky as both options offer unique advantages and considerations.

Composite Ammolite: Enhanced Durability and Affordability

Composite ammolite offers an interesting alternative. Here, crushed natural ammolite is combined with a resin to create a more durable material. This translates to a more affordable option, making ammolite jewellery more accessible. While the beauty remains, the appearance might be slightly altered compared to natural ammolite. It’s crucial to choose reputable sellers who disclose the use of composite materials.

Natural Ammolite: A Touch of Rarity

Natural ammolite boasts undeniable authenticity. Formed from fossilized shells, it carries a rich history within its structure. This rarity translates to a higher price tag and a more delicate nature. Natural ammolite requires careful handling to preserve its beauty. However, its inherent variations in colour and pattern create one-of-a-kind treasures.

The Kaimirra Tutan Approach

While we appreciate the beauty of both natural and composite ammolite, at Kaimirra Tutan, we currently focus on using ethically sourced composite ammolite in our jewellery. This is to ensure affordability and durability in our jewellery collections.

The Final Choice

There’s no right or wrong answer. Consider your budget, desired level of durability, and the value you place on natural rarity. We encourage you to explore both options and choose the ammolite that speaks to your heart.

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