Unveiling Ammolite: A Gemstone Unlike Any Other

Have you ever stumbled upon a gemstone with a mesmerizing play of colours, unlike anything you’ve seen before? That might be ammolite, a truly unique gem with a story as fascinating as its beauty.

Ammolite: A Fossilized Marvel

Ammolite isn’t your typical gemstone formed deep within the earth. Instead, it originates from the fossilized shells of ancient molluscs called ammonites. Millions of years ago, these creatures roamed the prehistoric seas. After their demise, their shells underwent a remarkable transformation. Under immense pressure and heat, the aragonite (a calcium carbonate mineral) in the shells dissolved and was replaced by silica. This process, combined with specific geological conditions, created the dazzling ammolite we see today.

Now, not all ammonite fossils found displayed the iridescent colour play. Only those found exclusively in the Bearpaw Formation in South Alberta, Canada can be considered as ammolite. It is officially recognized as an organic gemstone by CIBJO in 1981 and is the latest recognized organic gemstone in the world along with pearl and others.

Fun Fact: Ammolite is the Official Gemstone of Alberta since 2022!

But what makes Canadian ammolite so special compared to fossilized ammonite shells found elsewhere? Unlike other locations, Bearpaw Formation offered the perfect combination of rapid burial, anoxic environment, silica replacement, and pressure/heat. This unique recipe allowed ammolite to develop its signature iridescence, while fossilized ammonites in other areas remain dull and lack the captivating play of colours.

Additionally, Ammolite gemstones show off rare and unique colour combinations and patterns. Their colours shift when you rotate them, and each pattern is totally different. So, you can be sure that the Ammolite you buy will be truly one of a kind!

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The ammolite story doesn't end here! Stay tuned for more where we delve deeper into the fascinating world of this unique gemstone.