A piece of stars, a cosmic light,
To Earth’s embrace, with secrets tied.
In Kenya’s sands, it came to rest,
A silent guardian, Earth’s new guest.

Metallic rocks of mystery,
Olivine crystals, green and bright,
A fragment from the void so deep,
In earthly hands, the stars we keep.

This rare rock, composed of extraterrestrial metal and beautiful olivine crystals, embarked on a fiery journey through the cosmos. It blazed through Earth’s atmosphere before landing, leaving behind a piece of the universe for us to discover. This meteorite speaks to the vastness of space and the wonder of discovery.

The Sericho Pallasite is a sublime stony-iron meteorite, adorned with breathtaking olivine crystals embraced by a nickel-iron matrix. These crystals, forged in the fiery heart of an ancient, obliterated asteroid, glitter like stars imprisoned in stone, offering a window into a primordial world.

From space to Earth, a jewel of might