Sericho Pallasite Pendant


A genuine meteorite fragment, a piece from the cosmos. This unique piece of extraterrestrial matter boasts a mesmerizing metallic and golden look, whispering tales of distant galaxies and stardust with a fascinating crystalline structure. The intricate and carefully crafted design at the side of the meteorite frame enhances the distinctive patterns and texture of the meteorite.

Sericho Pallasite is a type of stony-iron meteorite distinguished by its unique composition of olivine crystals embedded in an iron-nickel matrix. These meteorites are particularly prized for their striking beauty, with translucent olivine crystals that can range in color from green to yellow.

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Meteorite: Sericho Pallasite

Location: Eastern, Kenya


Pendant Size – 43x63mm

Chain Length – 680mm

Material – 925 Sterling Silver


Certified by Kushimoto Ōkyo Rosetsu Art Museum

  • Avoid exposure to chemicals
  • Remove during bathing, swimming or physical activities
  • Don’t wear while sleeping
  • Store in clean, dry and cool place

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