Finding the Perfect Gemstone

Just like all other gemstones, Ammolite has a grading system that allows you to choose a stone based on its variety of colour and clarity. The more colours it includes with finer matrix lines makes it a higher grade stone, and these are only found specifically in the rich fossil beds of the Bearpaw Formation in Alberta, Canada, making gem-quality Ammolite an extremely rare commodity. With the supply of Ammolite rapidly diminishing, noting only about 6 to 7 years of mining left, the value of this stone has appreciated over time.

Kaimirra Tutan’s Ammolite distribution partner, KORITE International, has come up with a clear and logical grading system that has been accepted by the international gem community. This grading system has Ammolites divided into 4 grades for its quality of iridescence, visible matrix lines, chromatic shift and the rotational change of colours.

Grade AAA

This is the highest quality stone to be found, it possesses more than three colours, allowing the presence of very fine matrix lines. Top-grade Ammolite has something called a spectro-chromatic shift, where colours of the gemstone shift through the whole spectrum at different angles. The stone is colourfully vibrant, clear and special in every way, because only 3 to 8% of KORITE International’s annual production meets this grade.

Grade AA

Considered “extra fine”, Grade AA stones display three or more colours, with less brilliant areas compared to the AAA grade. The characteristics of this grade allow for matrix lines to be present, and it is still extremely bright and stunning, with a full chromatic shift within a wide range of colours.

Grade A

These stones carry two or more colours with visible matrix lines. With either two brilliant colours, or three colours that are less brilliant than those of the AA grade. These stones still do not disappoint, with something called a dichromatic shift where the shift only occurs between two colours. For example, when pointed at an angle, blue will shift to green.


Comprising of one to two colours and visible matrix lines, the standard grade makes up 40% of KORITE International’s annual production and shows mostly strong shades of green or red that are less brilliant than the other grades. Here, you will see a monochromatic shift, where the shift remains within the same colour family, such as bouncing between different shades of green.

Ammolite gemstones used in Kaimirra Tutan’s collections are authentic and the best in Malaysia. With KORITE International as their official partner and exclusive distributor, all grades of Ammolite are ethically mined and certified by the Federal Department of Canadian Heritage.