Seven Colours of the Chakra System and Their Meanings

The seven colours found in Ammolite gemstones reflect the seven Chakras that are associated with specific energy centres, located from the base of your spine, shooting up all the way to the crown of your head. Each of these seven Chakra points distribute subtle energy to that region of your body, influencing your mental and physical state.

RED – The Root Chakra

Holding the densest vibrations of all the seven colours, red is the most stimulating, most passionate and alerts us with signs of danger immediately. The colour red nourishes love, keeping it grounded, strengthening relationships with others and more importantly, yourself.

ORANGE – The Sacral Chakra

The patron colour for vitality and strength. Being equal parts of red and yellow, orange is attractively sensual and brings a zesty appetite. The energetic power that orange brings personifies a muse, generating creativity and enthusiasm all around.

YELLOW – The Solar Plexus Chakra

Shining bright like the bare sun, yellow throws illumination onto the darkest of places, uncovering shadows and giving everything light. As the core colour of gold, it is said to improve prosperity and wealth.

GREEN – The Heart Chakra

The baseline of unspoilt nature and the colour of life induces a calming and healing feeling. Green opens up the heart chakra to the wisdom of selfless love and acceptance, not only for our personal relationships, but for a connection with all beings.

BLUE – The Throat Chakra

The profound colour of water and the unclouded sky, acknowledging pure existence of one’s mind and body. It encourages the feeling of clarity and calmness within the body to enhance physical and mental health.

INDIGO – The Third Eye Chakra

Known as the colour of the night, indigo impacts us with its depth leading us to an awakening or change. This colour somehow connects us with space and time, and when these are brought to a balance, it presents us with peace.

VIOLET – The Crown Chakra

A sense of magic and purity can be experienced when in the presence of this dynamic colour. It is the highest vibrating colour, stimulating growth and energy on the highest level, bringing together the polarities of the world around us.

When a Chakra point is not functioning properly, or in other words, there is a disturbance of energy, physical issues may arise. This is where Ammolite stones come into play, reorganising the body’s balance based on where the energy has been thrown off. With all the seven colours in one stone, it is able to replenish or rebalance these different energy points all at once.