The Intangible Forces Behind Ammolite Stones

Ammolite stones had a great many years to cultivate through intense tectonic pressure, heat and mineralisation before they were then discovered and harvested, specifically from the Bearpaw Formation in Alberta, Canada. A land area which used to be completely underwater and known as the Bearpaw Sea.

Responsible for being a rich fossil bed filled with Jurassic sediments, the Bearpaw Formation is the host and only source of the best Ammolite stones in the world. Before the refining process, Ammolite stones took the form of ammonites, a prehistoric mollusc, whose extinction coincided with the extinction of dinosaurs. Due to them being buried in layers of mud for over 70 million years, these ammonites are believed to have absorbed a significant amount of positive cosmic energy from the Earth and the Universe.

In the late 90s, Ammolite began to take the stage as an influential stone that was said to have the ability to enhance well-being and to detox the body by improving its flow of energy. Masters of Feng Shui are so drawn to the positive energy and healing powers of this rare gemstone and its capability to have an effect on people physically and spiritually. These solid protective energies can guide them to overcome challenges, traumas, and even in some cases, ailments.

Overall, Ammolite is helpful for one’s well-being and longevity, but if we were to dive deeper into it, it is known to have the power to awaken memory on a cellular level. Heralded as the “Seven Colour Prosperity Stone”, Ammolite shines brightly displaying a full range of the very seven colours that form the Chakra System. These seven colours are associated with specific energy centres, called Chakra points, located from the base of your spine, shooting up all the way to the crown of your head. Each of these seven Chakra points distribute subtle energy to that region of your body, influencing your mental and physical state.

As Chakra energy flows in a spiral motion, the ammonite shell coincidentally is a natural occurring example of the Fibonacci sequence, making it the perfect geometrical spiral, or also known as the Golden Spiral. Absolutely fascinating.