Ammolite is a precious gemstone highly coveted for its spectacular iridescence.

Ammolites are derived from the fossilised shell of a cephalopod, Ammonites. As Ammonites went extinct with dinosaurs, they were buried deep under the sea, for millions of years. Under intense pressure and extreme heat, only few Ammonites successfully mineralise to form Ammolites — and the captivating colours we see today. Each Ammonite was formed approximately 66 million years ago.

Each Ammolite is nature’s masterpiece. No two pieces are the same. Ammolite and its wide spectrum of colour display are only formed after being buried by multiple layers over millions of years. Only as few as 5% of Ammolites are preserved well enough to be crafted into gemstones. Beyond their brilliant colours, Ammolites are believed to possess high vibration energies and restorative properties. Ammolites are also openly associated with perfection, knowledge and wisdom, and are said to grant their owner success, wealth, and fortuitous relationships.

Ammolites are extremely hard to come by. Not only will they have to undergo fossilisation for millions of years, but Ammolites with mesmerising iridescence are also only found in one location – in the mountain regions of southern Alberta and Saskatchewan of Canada. After successfully mining Ammolites, each piece will be refined and cleaned before being masterfully crafted by Kaimirra Tutan into bespoke jewellery and luxury showstoppers. Only approximately 5% of Ammonites are preserved well enough to be crafted into jewellery.


Like all your precious gemstones, Ammolite should be treated with care and attention. Dust, pollution and daily wear may cloud the brilliance of your Ammolite.

You can gently wipe the surface of your gemstone or jewellery with a cloth or a soft brush, but avoid immersing them in water for prolonged periods, as this will cause a loss of shine and iridescence. We do not recommend using ultrasonic, steam or oil cleaners.

For more specific instructions for care, please refer to the care card that is included during your purchase. We also suggest that your jewellery receive periodic professional maintenance.

Yes, using the wrong product may damage the brilliance of your Ammolite. We highly recommend you to take advantage of our professional cleaning and polishing services at our boutique.

These services are free of charge for all Ammolite Jewellery and Fine Jewellery for the first 2 years, and will be chargeable in the following year. For Couture pieces, we offer lifetime cleaning services for free.

Yes. We provide two years warranty for Jewellery and Fine Jewellery and a lifetime warranty for Couture Jewellery. Warranty does not cover misuse, mishandling, accident, improper care or cleaning, or alteration of any kind (e.g. resize). You may refer to our warranty policy here for more information.

You can claim your warranty with the warranty card and invoice provided during your purchase.

Officially recognised by The World Jewellery Confederation (CIBJO) as a precious gemstone in 1981, Ammolite is graded for quality based on the multiplicity and vibrancy of the colour in the stone.

Standard – One or more brilliant colour
A – Two or more colours with good brilliance
AA – At least 3 brilliant colours
AAA – 3 to 5 brilliant colours, with no matrix lines visible

‘AA’ and ‘AAA’ Ammolites are extremely rare – as rare as flawless diamonds.


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